Louis Rosenthal – More Together Than On Our Own

War and terrorist threats are on the horizon, we are experiencing surging immigrant populations in Collin County, and a large percentage of Collin County is unsaved just to mention a few of our challenges.

God is bringing the unsaved world to the doorstep of church and the real question will be: will the church have the spiritual inventory to meet the manifold needs of the community in which we are located?

The Collin Baptist Association lives for the day when every girl, boy, woman and man, in Collin County and beyond, experiences a living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is so easy for the local church to be so enamored with our local budgets and our local projects we can forget how much synergy can be accomplished when we come together for sustained cooperative ministry.

As your moderator and as the pastor of The McKinney First Baptist Church, I encourage all churches that have not made contributions to prayerfully consider making a contribution in the month of September and every month thereafter as the Lord provides. If every church who are members of the Collin Baptist Association, but have not made a contribution thus far in 2017, made one in the month of September, there would be more resources to plant churches, more resources to do missions, more resources for relevant seminars, more resources to provide for training and counseling, and more resources for unique initiatives like Pray4EveryHome.

Churches can do more collectively through association than what any one church can do all by itself. I urge you to prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to the Collin Baptist Association as we strive to do God’s kingdom work through the local church and the association. I am so well pleased and grateful to God to know the work at the Collin Baptist Association is designed to seek and to reach our world for Jesus Christ.


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 Louis Rosenthal – More Together Than On Our Own